Norwegian private and public limited companies

The Law Firm of Claes Zangenberg can incorporate and register Norwegian limited companies (aksjeselskap and allmennaksjeselskap) for foreign clients. We process new company formations swiftly and safely. These incorporation plans are particularly aimed at foreign clients – with all minutes and resolutions made up in both English and Norwegian and all documents and certificates duly translated. We take care to explain Norwegian company law, its strength and weaknesses and how it differ from UK and US company law.

We can assist with registered office addresses and virtual offices for clients who require this.

Prices start at EUR 1 500 for a fully registered and private limited company (price includes our own and all governmental fees, but excludes any auditor fees). Please be advised that there is a minimum share capital requirement of NOK 100 000, which must be fully paid prior to the completion of the registration process.

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